My Hawaiian Adventure!

This is an on-line journal of my move to the Island of Kauai. 
I hope you find this interesting.

Last updated - 10/19/07
Pictures! - updated 03/16

The journal begins 2 day before I depart from South bend.

Day 1:  The reality sets in. Hello everyone!  I'm 2 days from leaving
 South Bend, my place of birth and the only place I have lived except
 for a brief stay, 1 yr, in the UP.  I don't know when I'll be
back but I will come to visit.  I have plans to write every day from here on
out.  My first entry is of my hopes and fears. 

  I hope I can find a job that pays enough.  I
do have an idea of what is enough.  I am getting quite nervous.  Will I
be able to make it alone?  That is the question that is haunting me.
Will I find a job, soon?  Will I find a decent, though small, place to live?
What will the people be like?  I have heard many bad things, are they true?
Will I make any friends?  Will I even talk to anyone?  Now that is the
question I need not have asked.  Anyway, I can only trust that I 
am doing what is for ME to do.  I hope to find a metaphysics group 
to enlighten with my unique views of reality.  I fear I will end up broke and 
wanting to come back after 6 months!?!  That is a strange fear.

Day 2:  The time appears to be slowing down right now.  I just
 wish I was gone and there.  The waiting is what is really 
nerving me.  I am all set to go on the plane yet I have more than 
a day to wait.  I will visit Derf in LV for a couple days.  That should be 
cool.  I was thinking people would stop by this afternoon but 
that was a high hope dashed that makes me want to leave.  Now I'm
being vindictive and shouldn't be.  I yelled at the sister
last night out of nerves.  That made me feel very bad.  I apologize to 
her.  If she ever reads this I hope she understands.  My last few hours in 
this house and I'm gone.  I am very emotional at this time.  
I feel a sense of loss.  That I feel is good though.  I will begin anew.
  An interesting journey this will be for me....

Day 3:  This was an eventful day.  I spent last night at the parents
 house.  That was not needed but was a good thing.  I said my goodbyes 
and made a last trip around town to keep it in memory.  I 
 am feeling more excited today than fearful.  That is a good thing 
of course.  I made a beautiful day for my last day in SB, sunny.
  I arrived in LV right on time.  Spent the rest of the night 
talking with my friend and watching the tube.  What will the 
next few days bring for me?  I am not sure!  I believe they 
will be good days that bring me away from the fear that 
I have been experiencing.  I believe I will find a job that will 
cover my expenses.  I am much calmer finally.  I sense feelings
of loss and of excitement.  I can't wait to get things rolling
in Kauai.  One last thing, I should not be upset that I got 
few visitors yesterday, people had to work and I had to go to 
the parents early.  Goodbye South Bend and everyone I 
know there!

Day 4:  I am here at my friends house in LV.  We have some things 
to do today.  I would like to see the Star Trek Experience and he wants 
me to help him with some computer stuff.  No problem on either 
thing today.  I do not have much to talk about today.  There is
 still some waiting but at least I am out of SB.  I am feeling some 
apprehension about this adventure but am very comfortable with it.  
I have some money to last a few months without a job.  If I don't find 
a decent job within 6 months I will return to the mainland if 
not South Bend.  I don't think that will happen though.
  I will be looking for a job that pays at least $10/hr.  
I will not take anything less.  I will file for unemployment and
government assistance.  Why not?  I will be fantastic.  This is getting 
very exciting for me!!!

Day 5:  I am having a good time here in LV.  I will be leaving for Kauai 
in a day.  I plan to spend this day with Derf at the Star Trek thingy.  
The whole idea of this move is to get me out of my 'rut' that I 
had been experiencing for a few years.  I had been 
working at the same place for 16 years.  I had moved up as far
 as I could, barring any major screw ups by my former boss, 
I would not be able to go any further without another store 
opening and that was very unlikely.  I received an e-mail from my
cousins and they have arranged a meeting with their friend that has a 
computer repair business.  Perhaps I will work as I would like?  I do wish
 to get into the computer field.   I have good people skills.  I think!  I'm off to 
the day.

Day 6:  This is the beginning of a new life for me.  I will get to Hawaii
today.  It will be 6ish Kauai time when I arrive.  Boy I can't wait 
to get things moving on the island for myself.  I wonder if anyone, besides 
my family, even notices I'm gone yet.  What time should I be writing 
these entries, morning or evening?  I have been writing in the mornings.  
I will not set a time just try to write often.  I am quite excited today.  I have more 
and more excitement as each day approaches.  I did get done 
what I wanted to here in LV.  Visiting with Derf and checking out the STE again 
was very nice.  I don't believe I will be able to get back here any time 
soon.  I did not win any money, but I didn't gamble much at all.  I will need to 
put my bike together tomorrow.  I shipped that separate from my 
other stuff and it arrived a couple days ago.  I hope my main stuff is fine.  
The stuff I shipped won't arrive for a least 20 more days.  I am confident it will 
not be damaged but I did get it insured just in case.  What will this day 
bring?  I hope it brings me happiness and joy.  I believe it will!!!
I will type into this page again tomorrow.  I hope to chat on-line with 
someone from back in SB this week.  Will it happen?  
Doubt it!  Drop me an e-mail.  Let me know 
who you are that's following my adventure!  
I'm on the final leg of my trip from the mainland to Hawaii.  I'm setting 
on the plane typing this.  A guy who ha lived in Hawaii for 11 years 
is sitting next to me and says he love living there.  The plane is late.  
I hope it don't delay my flight to Kauai very much.  What will this 
adventure bring?  I feel it will bring me closer to the person I have always 
been.  Now who is that?  I can only say that I'm not all 
that I can be at this time.

Day 7:  This is the first whole day on Kauai.  I have had no problems so far.  
The next few days will tell me a lot about whether I will make it are not here.  
I will be going to the store and bank today as well as starting to get
 familiar with the area.  I should have no problem getting an apartment 
or job here.  I looked at the classifieds from the paper and 
found a few jobs I can try for.  There are also cars that look affordable.
  Today will be the true beginning of the adventure.  Can I make it?  
Check back often to view my progress.  
I had a great day today.  I met a few people and went to a 
gathering on a course on miracles.  It was rather parochial.  I met 
the computer guy and found him a little ruff around the edges.  
I may end up working for him but after meeting him I doubt it would
be for long, boy could I be wrong.  I got an application for a bartenders 
job and am to see them in the morning.  I will be looking at a couple studio apts.  
I feel one apt. just may work out.  I'm feeling great now.  
No more fear about this adventure.  My cousins are very 
hospitable and are making me feel very comfortable.  I 
can't thank them enough for giving me shelter and support 
during this adventure.  One day soon, I hope to be able to return 
this favor.  Got to go Star Trek is on!

Day 8:  Today was very good.  I went to a job interview and that went 
very well.  I have the job if I want it.  It isn't the first job offer, it's the 
second.  I am to check out a car tomorrow.  I hope it is a nice vehicle.  
I had a call from my sister today to tell me my dad is in the 
hospital.  That is not good. What a bummer.  I went to the bank and set up 
an account.  I went to a few of the resorts and was told to 
come back at the Marriott, something about only taking applications
 from Monday - Wednesday. What a crock.  I took a walk on the beach.
That was very nice.  I got wet and didn't plan on it.  I need to 
take a towel with me every time I go out just in case I end up 
at the beach even for an hour.  I Will and it happens.  I can only thank
 that person that listened to the giant sea turtles and followed their 
advice to move here.  What a great adventure.  I hope to be 
able to help someone else move here after I get established.  I drove around 
a little today to get familiar with the area.  I need to remember to eat.
Tomorrow will be a great day!

Day 9:  Today was another good day.  I went out and drove around to 
get familiar with the area.  Boy what a beautiful place this is.  The 
ocean is just awesome and the mountains are cool.  The 
stars at night a big and bright.  You need to be here to appreciate 
the beauty.  Perhaps I'll add some pictures soon, perhaps.  I went 
to look at a car today and it wasn't much.  They wanted to much anyway.
 My dad is waiting for surgery in a couple days, major artery 
blockage.  I send him all the positive energy I have.  I hope that 
don't slow my "progress" for this move.  Be well father, be very
 well!  I was told not to return for the surgery.  Good thing I'm told 
that because this adventure would be over and I don't want to end
 this.  He will be great, as long as he changes his lifestyle and
diet!  This would be better for me if my sis and bro could just set aside
their petty differences and cooperate for a change.  I hope to have a 
better day tomorrow.  That is enough for today.

Day 10:  Today I really enjoyed!  I saw some whales using binoculars.  
I went to the store and got some thing I needed.  I called and went 
looking for a car.  I found nothing.  I think I will need a car 
before I get a place to live.  I hope to find a job here very soon.  
I thought I had one but I haven't heard anything back.  Oh well!  
I went out driving and am finding my way around just fine.  I need a 
car so as to get around without any worries!  I feel a little 
worried when driving someone else's car.  I heard from home 
and dad is doing ok.  I will talk to him tomorrow.  Type at you all 

Day 11:  I went up to the North Shore today.  A very cool place.  I 
saw some caves and some nice beaches.  Checked out some towns
on the way.  Very small but nice.  I like this area I'm in better though.  
I looked at the paper and saw a pro shop manager job at a golf 
course and am thinking about sending in my resume.  I think that 
would be a cool job.  I will call for a job in the morning.  I also 
will be calling about a car or two.  It rained this morning and my 
football team, ok not my team, the Vikings lost big today.  I will be 
looking for a place to live but would like to have a job first and a car 
second and a place to live third and a nice female to share this adventure 
with lastly.  How long will this all take?  I hope not more than a few weeks.  
Of course, I don't think that last thing will be that quick.  I wonder if 
anyone is reading this?  Not like I care if anyone is.  I will be fine here.  
I hope Dad is fine through the surgery in the morning.  He will be!  
I am thinking of the place I came from and I am glad I am on this 
adventure.  I met a female on my way North.  She was born here 
but not a native.  Very nice person.  I have yet to see any meanness 
by the natives toward mainlanders, yet.  I hope not to see any!

Day 12:  Today was a very good day!  The weather was average, that means 
great.  My dad's operation went well and I got a call back about a 
Job.  The job sounds like it will be a good one for me.  I am to 
start Wednesday.  I am very relieved about my dad.  He will have more
energy now and I hope he changes his eating habits.  I haven't heard 
from any friends back home but I'm sure they are busy dealing 
with the snow.  Ha ha!  I will be needing a car now.  I'm sure 
I'll have no problem finding a car soon.  I took a bike ride today for 
about an hour.  What a beautiful place this island is.  I will start 
adding pictures once I get my own car.  I have many new things 
ahead of me and I can't wait to get on with them.  I didn't do much 
today but that is how I like it.  I never did much anyway, I guess that 
is one reason I moved here.  I hope to meet many new people in the 
next few days.  Type at you tomorrow.

Day 13:  I got a car.  I'll be picking it up in the morning.  I'm paying 
more than I expected but it's a nicer car than I expected to get.  I feel 
it will be a good car.  I sent out a couple resumes today even
though I got a job.  One resume is for a Pro Shop Manager at 
a Golf Course.  That would be a great job.  I had a very good day 
today.  I need to get to sleep early, big day tomorrow.  I know I'll 
have a good day.  Today I drove around looking for a car and lo and
behold I found one.  I didn't do a whole lot but will once I have a car I will.  
I can't wait to be able to drive around in my own car.  I'll be able 
to explore without worry about being home or having someone else's 
car. I will be taking and posting pictures soon.  Once I have a place 
to live I'll be posting lots of pictures.  The next few days will tell me a 
lot about how well I'll do.  Type at you later.

Day 14:  I will be starting my job tomorrow.  I won't be making much until I 
get a raise after a period for training, 45 days, March 1.  I don't feel I'll 
have any problems.  I will still look for a better paying job.  I will be making 
enough to get by though.  I need to start looking for an apartment that is 
cheap.  It won't be very big I'm sure.  I went to the south end of the island
today.  I got a car, 89 Subaru.  I feel it will be a good car.  The south end is
really nice.  I walked around on some trails on the cliffs there.  It is a very 
spiritual place.  This whole island is spiritual.  I am God!  We are God!  
This is how I am.  Man is meant to understand, not to necessarily know 
anything.  That is what man brings to nature.  Understanding is what makes
a Human, Human.  I understand this.  What is man made is natural.  Man is 
part of nature.  Man is natural.  I felt all this today on the cliffs.  I will go 
there often for inspiration if I have the gas, (-;   I would love to here from you
 who read this far down!  I will be on-line in the morning now that I work at 7
am.  I will tell you all what my job entails once I understand what is fully 
expected of me.  I am planning to bring the Home Tech Tutor to Kauai.  
I heard that it is needed.  I met a couple of people today, hitchhikers.  
They have been here for a year from Indianapolis.  That is a trip.  
They live in a tent on the beach and don't have jobs.  Cool.  Anyone 
can make it here if you don't have many wants.  I want only a simple life
that allows me to be happy!  I start work on getting a place to live now!  
Peace and type at you later.

Day 15:  Today I met a lot of people at my new job.  I would go into 
what the job is but I still have more to learn.  I will be doing many
 different things.  Mainly I'll be keeping the shopping center clean 
and presentable.  My car is running well.  I went down by a river 
today and it would be a great place to fish.  I didn't mention that I 
went to Hanalei the other day.  Awesome caves up there where Puff 
The Magic Dragon lives.  I'll type more on my day off.  Dad is doing 
fine.  I'll be actively searching for a place to live tomorrow.  I will find a 
nice place, and I'm thinking a house not an apartment.  I should find one 
within the next week.  Peace out.  Hang Loose!

Day 16:   I went to check out an apartment today, very nice.  I would like 
to live there.  They are showing it to others but I will be the best person.  
They may choose a couple though.  Work was rather boring today.  I 
didn't do much but pick up trash.  I did learn how to pick up the frozen 
and produce from the dock.  I am to greet people from the cruise ship 
tomorrow.  Will that happen?  Not sure!  I work at a shopping center 
that is right on the beach.  I'm outside most of the day.  I have no one 
looking over me.  I will be kind of my own boss.  If the tourism picks up,
 as it is supposed to, it will be a great job with lots of growth.  I will still 
be looking for a higher paying job though.  This is a wonderful place!!!
  I'm beginning to feel like this is HOME!  Perhaps this has always been 
home!  PEACE.  Type at you later.  Hang Loose!

Day 17:  Great day!  I greeted people off the cruise ship today.  That was cool!  
I did the normal getting things ready around the complex then went out 
to the ship to get people to go to the complex.  It was good!  I could do 
that every day.  I need to  get my apartment application filled out and back to 
the people.  I will make it short today.  I didn't do much after work.  Took a 
walk along the beach is all.  A small vacation after work.  Did I mention the 
complex is ocean front.  I get a great ocean view every day!  Type again 
tomorrow.  PEACE!

Day 18:  Aloha!  I met lots more people today and yesterday.  I got 
to meet lots of local girls when doing the greeting.  They worked at other 
places.  I hope to do the greeting just to talk to some of these girls/women 
 more.  I helped take down the fair today.  That was rather easy, of course, 
we didn't take the whole fair down.  We only took the first few tents down.  
I work again in the morning.  I went to the store and took the application 
for the apartment to the people and talked to the lady for a couple minutes.  
I hope to get that place!  Who knows though.  I will know, thus you will, soon 
enough.  I've not heard about my dad.  That is a good thing.  I'm working by 
the ocean every day.  I will take a drive to the some waterfalls on my day off.  
Peace and check back for further updates to "My Hawaiian Adventure".

Day 19:  Today was a relaxing day though I didn't do much after work.  
I went to the store and came home.  I checked out the paper for an 
apartment.  I saw a couple places I will call tomorrow.  I work in the 
morning again, but I will have Wednesday and Thursday off.  I will be
finding a place soon.  I got some e-mail from some friends back in 
SB and answered them.  I need to send my old landlords e-mail to a
 prospective landlord.  Marc if you read this send me Bills e-mail address.  
I'll try to give you a call Tuesday, late night.  Hang Loose!

Day 20:  I'm feeling very at home now.  This is where I belong.  I will be very
good here.  I didn't do much, work and some tv.  I like the simple days!

Day 21:  Today was a day off work for me.  I slept in a little today because 
I could.  When I did get up I didn't do much.  I did watch some TV then 
took a long nap.  I got up in time to watch Jeopardy and a full hour of the
the Simpsons.  That is on every day, got to love that.  I did go to the store.  
Checked my e-mail and did some web surfing.  I need to start putting some
serious time into getting an apartment.  One of the  guys at work the other 
day offered me to move in with him and his wife, but I need to get to know 
him a little better before I could answer.  I would like to be on my own though.  
He also said he could get me some deals on adventure things like helicopter 
tours and fishing trips and the like.  I will take him up on that!  I'm off again 
tomorrow and will try to take a trip somewhere I've yet to go on the island.  
Hang loose!

Day 22:  Aloha!  My second day off was quite good.  I used the computer 
to call a few places back in South Bend.  I called my old job and talked to
a few people there.  They were surprised to here from me.  I talked to my 
old roommate and a good friend also.  I called my dad and he is doing well.  
He is very tired but that is to be expected.  I took a drive to the south end 
of the island with my cousin.  She showed me some cool places to go.  
As for the names I'll get used to them in time.  I went out to the ocean to 
see if there were any whales.  The sea was very choppy so I didn't see 
any.  I did see a Monk Seal sunning on some rocks.  Very cool!  I liked 
today very much.  I  have some pictures here.  Peace and 
Be Well!

Day 23:  I have successfully got a foothold on the island.  Today I got a 
place to live.  I will be be able to move in on the 1st of February.  It is 
a decent place and I will be the first tenant.  It is a two room apartment in 
the bottom of a house.  The landlords live in the house but I will have a 
separate entrance.  It has a full bath and plenty of room for visitors, overnight. 
I worked today and didn't do much.  I like my job.  I'm out in the sun most of
the day.  I'm getting a good tan also, though a farmer tan.  I can't believe this
move is working out so well.  First a job, then car and now apartment all in less
than 3 weeks!  This was well worth any money I spent.  No regrets at all!  Now
it's time to start looking for women!  What fun.  Come on out and visit!  I have
a place for you to crash!  Hang Loose and hope to see you here soon!

Day 24:  I worked at the fair today.  Did the setup stuff and a bunch of
grounds work.  I was told today that my employer was very happy with
my work.  Of Course!  Tomorrow will be an easy day.  I do the setup at
the fair again and then be a greeter.  I like that.  I didn't do much after
work.  I came right home and did some laundry.  My cousins have been
very very good to me.  What can I do to show my thanks?  Any ideas
out there?  E-mail me with your suggestions!  I love this place.  I will be
moving into my apartment on the1st of the month.  I can't wait to have
my own place.  I will miss chatting with my cousins.  I will see them often. 
What is it about this place that I like?  It is beautiful and spiritual.  Why
be poor in South Bend when you can be poor in paradise?  This is a
question you should ask yourself about your own situation.  Peace out
and Hang Loose!

Day 25:  Aloha!  I had another good day in paradise.  I worked today. 
All I did today was get the fair ready in the morning and greeted people
in the afternoon.  What a cake job.  I will be signing a lease tomorrow. 
Once I get my own place I'll be doing lots more.  I sat and watched the
ocean for an hour today.  The waves are very calming.  I can't even tell I'm
on an island.  I drive 15 minutes to work and that is further than most of my
driving back in South Bend. I will be great here.  I will start up my Home
Tech Tutor business once I have a phone of my own.  I love this place! 
Did I say that already?  Peace out!

Day 26:  Woke up!  Got out of bed.  Washed my hands and head.  May my 
way down stairs and had a cup.  Looking up I noticed I was late.  Grabbed 
my sandals and grabbed my hat.  Made the car in seconds flat.  Made my way 
to work and mopped the floor.  Somebody spoke and I went into a dream!  
Ahhhh!  I'm in paradise.  Can you believe it?  This is all a dream and I am the 
one who is in control.  Do you wish to control your dream?  You only need to 
believe!  Today I signed a lease.  I am well on my way to being established.  
I can move in any time.  I hope my things I sent arrive soon.  They will!  I feel 
I will be settling in my no place in no time.  Home is where the heart is and mine
is right here.  I am at home right here.  Hang Loose and Peace out.

Day 27:  Today was an easy day at work though I did get a lot of things done. 
I did the usual morning stuff also did some needed raking of the back area and
a bunch of other needed small stuff.  I've been eating well and will continue to. 
Thanks to Chuck for some suggestions on what to do for my cousins.  I am
beginning to move tomorrow.  I hope my things get here soon.  I need to call
the phone company and call about a internet connection.  I didn't get to the
beach today but will tomorrow.  I need to get some things for my apartment
from the store also.  Type at you all tomorrow.  Until than Peace Out!

Day 28:  I was off work today.  I went to the store and got lots of stuff for
my apartment.  Things I needed.  That was about all I did.  I also met with
the person I'll be house sitting for.  They have a nice house with a great view
of the valley.  I will have fun checking out the house and view.  I'll get some

Day 29:  I went to the beach today.  The ocean is cool.  I laid out on the sand 
for a few and went in the water for awhile.  Did some body surfing in the waves
that were at least a couple feet.  I spent all afternoon at the beach.  I got some 
pictures of where I was and my car.  I would have them up today but I left the 
camera in the car.  I didn't make it to the grocery store.  The stuff I shipped is
to be here this weekend.  My phone is to be hooked up tomorrow.  I need to
call about an internet connection.  I'll be moving in to my apartment once my stuff
is here.  This is a wonderful place.  The waves on the ocean are fun to be in.  I
should go into the water every day!  Peace and Hang Loose!

Day 30:   Today I went to the grocery store and stocked up on a bunch of 
food.  It don't look like much but it is mostly frozen and dry goods.  I will 
be moving into my apartment once my stuff arrives.  That should be this 
weekend.  I worked today.  What a cake job.  Sure I do a lot of stuff but 
nothing is very difficult.  I swept and mopped then went out and set up 
the merchant fair.  I next went and got the produce order from the dock.  
That is a lot of standing around until they get it out of the container.  I do have 
to put it away, woo tuff.   I finished work by picking up trash in the high traffic 
areas.  I went to the store after work.  I will get the pics up once I get more 
free time.  My phone # is 808-823-8026, give me a call next Wed or Thu when
I'm off work.  I need to call about high speed access still.  Type at you again 
tomorrow.  Hang Loose!

Day 31:  I spent all day at the merchant fair.  The fair is a tourist place with 
lots of stuff for the non-local.  I set things up and get it ready for the merchants
when they arrive.  Set up tables make sure the place is clean, take the rain water 
off the tents and stuff like that.  I cut some plants down and then helped paint a 
permanent structure that will be used at the fair once they get a few more built. 
The fair may be an all week thing that I'll help run.  I got off work and came back
here to take a shower.  Hey Voyager is on, awe its a rerun.  Seen it!  I will be doing
the same as last week tomorrow.  I get the fair ready then greet people off the
cruise ship.  Another cake day.  Whoever is reading this should think about moving
out here!  Why be poor in SB when you can be poor in paradise?  I mean this! 
You don't know what you could have until you try!  Now that I'm here you have
a place to stay.  Get out here!  Don't be scarred!  Just do it!  Peace out!

Day 32:  I worked today.  The ship couldn't come in today because it was
windy.  Yesterday it was more windy than today.  I spent the day at the fair
doing yard work and such.  I was outside all day.  Did I mention that my the
people who I rent from gave me some fish.  I cooked it up and it was good. 
They also gave me some soda.  I had a good day.  The Simpson's was very
good as usual.  I hope my stuff got here, I'll know after work.  The time is just
flying by.  I need to start checking more stuff out, now that I'm more comfortable.
  I may join the canoe club.  I also may check out a metaphysics group.  I do need
to start up my business.  More pictures will be up soon.  I need to take some more
pictures where ever I go.  I just think if people want to see it than they should see it
in person.  Peace!

Day 33:  One more day of work this week.  Tomorrow will be an easy day.  I'll do 
some painting like today and that will be about it.  I have a cake job.  Am I lucky?
I don't think so.  I do make my own reality so I make an easy life.  Why wait till 
I've crossed over to live a perfect life.  Of course I have a simple idea of perfection.  
Simply perfect!  That is a reason I moved.  To make my reality simpler.  I may go
to a blues concert tomorrow night, Johnny Lang.  Did you ever here of him?  BB
King will be here next month.  I may go see him.  My stuff should be here but
I've not heard anything yet.  They said they'll get check on it in the morning.  I'll
keep calling to bug them.  I will checking on DSL tomorrow also.  I love this
place.  I need to start going more places after work.  Though that may complicate
the simple perfection I'm living now.  I'll do what is right for me.  Shit, I make it
so why would I not do what is for me.  Damn I forgot to get the pictures updated.
  You people can wait for that.  (-;  Peace out!

Day 34:  Today was paint which it will be for a while.  I do have an awesome view. 
It will only get better as time goes by.  I did about nothing after work.  I took  a
nap and watched some TV after work.  Now I'm finishing the day writing here. 
What did I think about today?  I need to visit the cable company to check on high
speed access during my days off.  I will also check on DSL service.  I will work on
getting some pictures updated.  This is enough for today.  Getting sleepy now.  Peace.

Day 35:  Today I spent at my apartment waiting for a call about my stuff.  I went to
the store and got a few things.  I talked with Chuck for a while on ICQ.  I will watch
some TV and crash early.  I will try to call my family tomorrow.  I hope I get a call
about my stuff on my day off.  When It gets here I won't have much time for anything
for a few days.  I'll be working and getting my things ready.  What a great place.  I 
hope to get some visitors in the year.  I will.  Be cool.  PEACE!

Day 36:  Not yet happened!  Today.  I had a good day.  I went up Lihue and got my
check.  I was looking for a sleeper couch.  I found a bunch of stuff I can get free from
a person I met at work.  Very nice things also.  I can get anything I need furniture wise
I am still waiting on a call about my stuff.  I got a few things, steamer for the nuker and
a toaster oven.  I am house sitting now for some people on vacation.  I'll go and hang
out there tomorrow after work.  That will be cool.  It is a nice house.  I hope they have
all the premium channels on the cable.  And lots of food for me to eat!  Peace out!

Day 37:  I was very burnt out today.  It rained all day.  I didn't do much at work. 
I did do some cleaning and found out where all the leaks at the center were.  After
work I went and checked out the house I'm house sitting for.  They have almost
no food there.  I will be staying at my apartment for eating and just check the house
after work.  I'll get some pics of the view and house.  It is a nice house but no food. 
I thought that I'd have more to do there but not.  I have every thing they do, at least
once it gets here.  I did do laundry there and fed the cats.  The house is big and must
be worth some $.  Hang Loose!

Day 38:  Saturday is a busy day.  I went up to the fair and got it ready for the day.  I 
did some yard work to keep it looking good.  After lunch I went to help Jimmy at his 
little red house by the river.  We did some work on the out side.  My cousin is fixing it 
up.  It needs lots of work, inside and out.  We scraped the out side to get it ready for a 
coat of primer and more wood.  I was off work early and went to a movie with my 
cousins.  We seen "Hannibal".  The movie is worth seeing, definitely!  There are some 
great scenes, Ray Liota enough said, plus more.  I went home and got some things 
and went to the place I'm house sitting.  I liked sitting on the rocking chair and watching 
the valley turn dark.  There will pictures to come.  I work at the fair again tomorrow, plus
 don't know.  
I was thinking about how I was greeting new souls.  Aloha!  Welcome 
back and to our planet.  You have arrived in paradise!  Treat it well and you will have 
a very pleasant stay.  Pleasant as in what you need will be fulfilled.  Fulfilled as in what you
accomplish will be that which you choose.  Choose as in the decisions you make affect every
and all other.  Other as in decisions, beliefs, beings (of all kinds) and objects.  Object as in
you in my decisions! (-:  Treat it badly and your stay will be work.  Work as in what you need
will never be enough.  Enough as in what you wish will never be attained.  Attained as in what you
choose will be without - see other. Without any regard.  Without any care. Without any
understanding of how one affects.....   What a bunch of dribble.  Time for sleepy.  Be

Day 39:  Today was a cake day!  I set up the fair and got it ready for the merchants than
went dawn and greeted people at the docks.  At the end of the day was nothing but closing
down the fair, taking in signs and stuff.  I went up the the house I'm house sitting at and
made sure things were going good.  I got some pictures that I'll post soon.  I need the get
a picture of the cats.  The world is a beautiful place and I'm living at the center, of an ocean!
What will tomorrow bring?  Great weather and a good attitude!  Peace!

Day 40:  Today at work I did little but paint.  That is an easy job.  I'm getting a sleeper
couch tomorrow, for free.  It is a fine couch.  I'm also getting a bed frame and any other
stuff I may want.  Dave and Ann? are good people.  I wish I would remember names but
I've met sooo many people it is hard to keep track of who is who.  I will be getting pics of
the people I mention in here and make links, for my reference as well!  I talked to a few
friends from SB and LV tonight.  I never got to do my laundry.  Bummer!  I get it done
tomorrow.  It was nice talking to the family and friends.  I can't wait to see how the next few
years will develop.  I need to read my outline again(-:.  I love it!!  PEACE OUT!

Day 41:  Today I got a lot done at work today.  A lot of work but not hard work.  I went 
by the house sitting place and did some laundry.  I ate and didn't do much.  It was a slow
day after work.  I am getting very sleepy now.  Bye...

Day 42:  Today is the answer to life the universe and everything!  Your not going to like it.
The answer is - 42!  Thank you!  I was thinking today that I may be getting a little home 
sick.  NOT!  I'm just waiting on my stuff to get delivered.  That will come soon.  I made 
spaghetti today.  I spent the day watching TV.  It was very windy with some rain today. 
It is still windy tonight.  I was chatting on AOL (HELL).  That was rather amusing.  I
didn't say much though.  I will try to get some things done tomorrow.  Make it to the store
and such.  Maybe pick up a bed frame and mattress.  I be getting my stuff soon.  I talked
to my former roommate today.  I hope to get some things I left behind.  I'm sure he'll
remember.  I've need to get out more on my bays off but I find myself here on the computer
getting other stuff done.  I spend a lot of time just taking in the scenery every day!  I should
be taking more pictures.  I got a couple more up on the Adventure Pics Page.  Star Trek was
on, cool and interesting.  I will try harder to get out and meet people.  I've never been one to
start a conversation, but I'm sure I can!  I will!  It will be easier once I get my stuff move!d in
and situated.  I will be confident about bringing them back to my pad.  Know what I mean? 
Wink! Wink!  Nudge!  Nudge!  Keep on being!  PEACE!

Day 43:  Today was a strange day.  I'm getting my stuff delivered in 5 days.  I don't need to 
pick it up.  My battery in my car was dead this morning.  I got a jump at it charged fine.  
I hope it starts in the morning!  I went by my cousins and showed them how to work the 
digital camera they have.  It uses the same memory cartridge as my mp3 player.  I need to
get a bigger memory cart myself.  I didn't do much else today.  I work in the morning. 
I think my car will be fine.  I should hook up the radio correctly.  D'oh!  When I get
my things I'll be more able to get things I want to done!  Peace out!

Day 44:  Today I worked at the fair and will do the same tomorrow.  I didn't get much 
done at home.  I just sat around watched some TV and ate.  I was on-line for a few 
hours but it was late everywhere else!  I will be on-line again tomorrow and I do check 
my email in the mornings. I will get some more pictures tomorrow.  I will be at the fair 
getting it ready for the merchants and putting up some banners tomorrow.  That will take 
most of the day I'm sure.  The fair is right across the street from the ocean.  That is one 
thing I can get a picture or 2 of.  I did look for some more memory for my mp3 player.  
When I sleep I don't remember my dreams lately.  Perhaps I'm setting up a good thing 
that will be surprising.  Of course I am!  Bye!

Day 45:  Today was a good day.  It didn't rain and it beautiful.  I spent some time hanging 
out with my neighbors.  They invited up for dinner with a couple of their friends.  That 
was very nice of them.  I didn't do much at work today.  I helped Jimmy clean some of the 
properties the Jaspers own.  We took a bunch of stuff to the dump.  It was about 10 
truck loads of yard and construction waste.  I really enjoyed today, nice and simple.  I 
am getting anxious about my stuff.  I know it is being delivered on Wed. due to my not
getting on them enough.  Oh well!  Type more tomorrow.

Day 46:  Today was another great day.  I spent today first getting the fair ready and then
greeting people at the docks.  Then I went back and helped shut down the fair.  I went home
 and didn't do much t night.  I watched some TV and that was about it.  It was a nice and
simple day.  What will tomorrow bring?  Only good things I'm sure.  I feel very comfortable
here.  I will begin to go out more at night.  I think once my stuff gets here I will have more
time to adjust to going out and walking around the town.  I need to go and check out more 
of the island.  There are a lot of things I need to see!  There are a lot of things to see.  

Day 47:  It is morning and the day has yet to happen.  I'll get back with what went on.  
Today was rather good.  Work was fine, I got a lot cleaned up.  One of the guys I work 
with was ill today but I didn't notice.  He is rather a slacker type, looks like he's doing 
something but not much is being done.  He does have a use though, he'll do the electrical 
stuff that is really dangerous.   After work I just went home and ate.  I watched some TV
 and surfed the web.  I was doing a lot of address changing and such.  I got a 64 meg card 
for my mp3 player and also some shoes.  They should be here by the end of the week.  My 
stuff gets here in 2 days and that means I've lasted this long without.  Of course I do have 
what I brought with me and that is still working fine.  
I am GOD.  Are you?  Sure you are!  
We all R.  What does this mean?  What do we care?  Why even mention it?  This last 
response is the one I get most often.  I wonder if there is a need to ask such questions 
or a problem with leaving such unanswerable questions without any reply?  Do people supply 
their own answer to questions about origins or do most just accept the cultural answer that is 
given?  That is what is meant by Faith!  In this age of a global culture where can an average  
person find his Faith?  There is a need for global answers that can give people the Faith that 
many search for in the mosques, temples, churches, synagogues and where ever they reach 
backwards instead of forwards for answers.  Answers that will always change semantically with 
the culture, yet never truly change at all.  But what of the global culture?  Ah, what of it?  What of 
it indeed?  We need to see each other with the same Faith are ancestors seen their countrymen.  
The Faith they had in their city-state, country, alliance, religion or ideology.  Faith that is common
to those that trust one another.  I argue we need a common Faith to truly trust our fellow beings! 
We thus need common answers.  We have these answers!  We only need to articulate them in a
manner that we can agree on.  This is what I'm working on.  Are You?  Chew on that!  Hang
Loose!  Peace Out!

Day 48:  I wish to appeal to the common link between beings.  What is the lowest common 
denominator?  Love, Stupidity, Sex, Hate, Laughter?  These are common things for sure.  I wish 
not the put things in a hierarchy.  Lowest, highest it makes no difference.  These are what people 
have in common.  What is needed is to have people define these common things in a global cultural 
 context.  The fact that TV appeals to the "lowest" common denominator is not lost on me.  I love 
watching TV.  What makes some shows appeal to such a vast amount of people?  Perhaps it is the 
"smart" people that have more of a problem than the "commoners".  The simple life has many 
differences due to the physical surroundings in each culture.  What is this simple life and what
can be learned from it?  Anyway, today was a good and simple day.  I love it here!  Peace!

Day 49:  My stuff is here!  Yeah!  I need to unpack the stuff and make sure everything works.  The
TV is fine but the desk is broke.  I can use it but it's not the same.  The top is warped and one side
drawers are totally off also the back is broke off, that may make it easier to put my cpu under the 
desk though.  The top has a slight bow in it, not that bad barely useable until I get a new one.  
JoeNiez: (8:34 PM) Desk is broken and the TV has a green color in the upper right corner, I'm going 
to claim both on the insurance I got...  The other stuff is working ok for now.  I spent the day putting 
things away and arranging stuff.  I will be needing a few things but not much, a couch and such.  I had
 a good day, didn't go anywhere.  My cousins came by to check out my place.  I will go out a little 
tomorrow.  I'll pick up my check and go to the store.  That means a drive to Lihue.  I should stop by 
a beach and get wet.  There are a few on the way.  What a great reality I have created.  This is in 
fact a perfect world!  I hope each being lives within a paradise of their own creation.  I no I'm living
in what everyone considers Paradise.  This is where God belongs(-:  PEACE!

Day 50:  All I did today was get things situated and went to the store.  I didn't go to the beach
today but I'll get there this weekend.  Not going to write much it is late and I work in the
morning.  Hang Loose, I am!

Day 51:  Today was a beautiful day!  I worked up at the Kauai Products Fair today.  I found out
the fair has a website, check it out!  I had a good day.  It was forecast to rain but not a drop.  This
is a nice place.  I called home today and talked to the Dad for a few.  He is doing well after his
ordeal with surgery and all.  Everyone is good back home.  He asked if I was ready to come home,
HA HA!  I may visit again but I doubt very much if I'll ever move again.  This is paradise!  I always
said I lived in a perfect world and I'm sure this is that world and here is the best place to live in
perfection!  PEACE and Keep in Touch!

Day 52:  Today was an easy day.  I opened the fair and than greeted people at the cruise ship.  I'll
do that again tomorrow.  It was a very big ship today.  Lots of people.  I'll write more later.  I just
got home from work!

Day 53:  Today was a very rainy day!  I opened the fair and went and greeted the people from
the cruise ship.  Yes, most of the people were bummed because of the rain.  After that I went and
closed the fair down.  I got very wet doing that!  Oh well!  I went by my cousins house for a visit
and to go over the digital camera with them so they know how to use it.  We had pizza over there. 
It was their treat, thank you!  I didn't do much after that.  Watched The Simpsons and went on to
sleep soon.  Hang Loose!

Day 54: Today was a good day.  I spent the majority of the day at work painting.  After work 
I didn't do not very ruff at all. worked, cleaned the shopping center and painting. Tuff! I did some 
laundry also. I went to the Laundromat. Nothing exciting there.  That may be a place to meet 
women.  (-:  I should go once a week.  I am at home.  No way to get home sick now!  I have 
everything I had in SB and a better attitude and future!  I will try to make a outline for that future 
on my days off.  That will give me something to do before I hit the beach.  Peace!

Day 55:  Today was another great day in paradise.  This was my Friday, the end of my week.  
Work was not difficult.  I did the usual morning stuff than some needed maintenance on the 
drain.   Painted, of course.  What a great view.  I got a new bed today.  I'll have an extra mattress 
for the visitor, if I get any.  (-:  I will!  Time to eat so I'll write more after.  I catch the sunrise every
 morning I work.  I start at 7 and sunrise has been just after 7.  I get the best view when I work the fair here 
in Kapaa rather than in Lihue at Anchor Cove. There the sunrise is over the other side of the bay and
not the ocean.
  Sunset is on the South/ West (other) side. I've not made it over there for sunset, Yet! 
I may save that to enjoy with someone new. 

Day 56:  Today I spent at home all day!  It was a great day also!

Day 57:  I got a bunch of stuff done today.  NOT!  It was a lazy day of sitting around at home 
and the beach!  I didn't go to the North Shore at all.  I sat around a beach and watched the 
waves.  I did get some pictures that I need to tweak before I put them on the Pictures Page.  I 
enjoy this type of thing.  It is the simple pleasure of being in a beautiful place that is relaxing 
and rejuvenating for me.  I did some good planning for the future today.  I have an outline that
can be followed now.  I don't need to be exact but I do have a plan of action for getting started
with the Home Tech Tutor here on Kauai.  What is the plan?  I'll write it down as I get finished
with a part of the plan.  I off to watch some TV.  Peace Out!

Day 58:  Hello People!  I had a a great day today!  I really love this place.  Or, do  I love the 
fact that I'm on my own?  This was a day I got a bunch of stuff done at work.  We spread 
some gravel around the low spots at the fair and did some clean up.  Monday is the first day 
the fair will be open during the week.  I will be the man in-charge!  I'll have the responsibility 
to make sure things run smooth.  I can handle that!  I have a web site to build now!  It will 
be for Jimmy's Grill.  It isn't hosted yet so I'll take care of that also.  I will start it out with a 
Flash page and work from there!  The restaurant won't be open until 2002 so I'll have some 
time to tweak it up right!  More on that later.  I made a fruit smoothie tonight with leftovers 
for tomorrow.  I still need to do some work on the Home Tech Tutor advertisement.
Hang Loose, more later!

Day 59:  Nice day at work today.  Took a bunch of stuff to the dump and the usual morning
thing at the fair.  I will be doing the same Sunday as other Sundays.  I didn't do much after work
today.  I came home and made some pasta.  I watched some TV and that was about it.  Of
course, I did get on-line for a few hours after work.  PEACE!

Day 60:  Peace!  What up?  I can only say that the next few days will be a challenge to get 
through because they will be long days of me doing as I wish at the fair!  I will have all day 
on Mon - Wed at the Kauai Products Fair.  I will be the one that is responsible for keeping 
the fair grounds and a couple other properties looking good.  I will be trimming hedges and 
cutting grass and keeping the tent posts painted.  There is a house on the property that I will 
be making look cool on the outside.  By the time I get done with all the areas I need to keep 
up I will have to begin again!  Job Security!  I will be working more hours on those days but 
on Sat. I will be getting off earlier.  My new hours will be Sun - Wed 7 - 5:50 and Saturdays
I will work a couple hrs in the mornings and have the rest of the day off.  Thus, I will have 
Thursday and Friday completely off and only work a couple hours on Sat!  I will have the 
same amount of hours and more time to explore the island!  Things are going great! And there 
only getting better!  I'm doing alright looking for babes.  My future's so bright.  I Got to Wear
Shades!  Hang Loose Brudder!

Day 61:  Another beautiful day!  I worked outside all day!  I enjoyed it.  I got a lot done down 
at the fair.  I made the hedge upfront, where people first come through, look manicured.  That
took most of the day.  I did lock my keys in the car during work but I was able to get them
out at lunch.  I was able to fish them off the floor with a hanger.  I just pulled the window back
enough to get the hanger in and the keys out.  I did get a cell phone to use for work so I can
be contacted while there.  That will be the only time I have it on, while at work.  I had a long
productive day at work.  I will do it again tomorrow and Wed.  What will come of this?  I am
sure I am making the best future I can for me!  I am PEACE!

Day 62:  A sunny great day today!  I got some sunrise pictures today.  I'll post them when I get the 
other ones finished.  Work was quite productive.  I talked story with a few of the vendors getting to 
know them better.  Most of them are very cool and a couple are a little wacky!  I got a bunch of 
 done but the most important is what I already mentioned.  I will eat something now and maybe get back
with some creative ponderings.  Hang Loose!  No creative ponderings today.  I will just keep them
for the appropriate point of entry.  That is not today.  What am I pondering?  I will only say that I am
brewing something interesting.  PEACE!

Day 63:  Same Great day!  I got another Sunrise picture.  I have a few pictures I need to work on in 
these next few days.  What will the next few months bring?  I feel only good things will come.  I 
believe that I will create a perfectly suitable reality.  I know that only doubt can change the others.  
Doubt from others and within.  There is no one to doubt you when no one can understand!  What  
beliefs I hold are quite unique yet also perennial.  I could state them here but I wish not to take up the
hours of our time.  If there is interest in my Ramblings and The Religion, you can figure out what to
do.  I have been working 'hard' is what I'm told.  I have just been keeping busy.  I don't sit around
 and watch the world go by...  Or do I?  We do live in a perfect world of our own creation!

Day 64:  Not yet over!!! (-:  Ok I got a lot done today.  I got my car registered for another year and 
I got my Hawaii license.  I am ready to go.  Hang Loose!

Day 65:  My last day off before work again.  I type more latter if it stops raining.  If not I will just spend 
the day inside on the computer.  I'll play a game for the day.  PEACE!

Day 66:  Rather good day today.  I got a $1 raise.  I am now the Fair Manager!  I am responsible for 
the day to day running of the fair.  Big Deal!  I also got some feedback on the Home Tech Tutor.  
I made up a pricing list.  I had a rather good day today.  I will be working on advertising here on 
the island.  Other than that I am doing very well.  I have been meeting lots of people yet I can't say 
I have any "friends".  It take a lot to earn my trust and that is what is needed to be my friend.  I'm 
sure I'll find some that I can reward my friendship to. (-:  I like how I put that.  Later!

Day 67:  Sundays are a relaxing day.  I open the fair then greet at the ship then close the fair.  I have plenty
of time to do this also.  I am given my own freedom to use my time durring work.  I am my own boss 
mostly though I do have someone to answer to.  I don't have anyone looking over me though.  Just 
checking up every now and again.  They let me know what they want done and it gets done!  Done 
better than they could imagine!  Enough bragging!  I've been going to watch the Saprano's on Sunday 
nights at my cousins.  I enjoy visiting them.  They are very cool people, simple and nice!  PEACE OUT!

Day 68:  Long day at work.  I got a bunch of stuff done and am getting to know a few people.  I had a good 
day again.  I got off work at about 5:30 and didn't do much at home.  Watch some TV.  I tape Jeopardy 
so I watch that after The Simpsons.  I going to bed early tonight.  I feel I deserve the sleep.  PEACE!

Day 69:  Today was a great day!  I'm really enjoying the job.  Not having anyone watch over you is quite 
nice.  I like I'm on my own.  I need to get some things done to promote my Home Tech Tutor.  There 
appears to be lots of interest and need!  I will do some thing, make up a new business card, on my 
days off.  That should be a good start...  I also need to get some of the pictures I took up loaded.  
Not tonight!  

Day 70:  I had a very long day today.  I need to start taking longer lunches.  I did get a bunch of things done.  
I probably should do less so as to make a better impression if needed later on!  (-:  Oh well, that wouldn't 
be me than!  Or would it???  I guess only I know!  I was upset with the person who come to "help" me 
close the Fair.  He didn't do much at all.  I would think he had other things on his mind.  I'm not even 
going to try to speculate what that could be.  I don't know him well enough yet.  Anyway I have met a 
few cool people.  I am getting along very well here.  Soon I'll be finding a woman I'm sure!  PEACE!

Day 71:  I have 2 days off.  What will/did I do with them?  Stay tuned!  The day has yet to unfold.

Day 72:  I didn't do much yesterday.  I watched the NCAA Tourney games on TV and stayed 
inside.  I will make it to the beach today though!  I did get to the beach.  It was a bit windy but I 
got some sun.  I need to even the tan out, I have a farmers tan from working outside.  I watched the 
tourney games again tonight.  I am leading my group at ESPN tourney challenge.  I think I'll make up 
bracket for some people here.  I know about 4-5 other people that would do it.  Not much but 
once a year goes by I will know a few more.  I work early, Fair tomorrow.  PEACE!

Day 73:  Saturday, I went to the dump a few times to get rid of a whole bunch of stuff.  I did get off 
early today, 2pm.  I did a bunch of work on Home Tech Tutor stuff.  I did get some laundry and 
grocery done.  Work again tomorrow.  I greet the ship.  Time for sleepy.....

Day 74:  Today is Soprano's day.  I will go over there in a couple minutes once I eat.  Write about the 
day later!

Day 75:  Monday, Monday is a long day for me.  I do a bunch of things in the morning to get the 
Fair ready for the weekdays.  Not as many venders so they need to spread out and fill the area.  
Some people are just uncooperative but there is always one in a crowd.  No names.  Work was fine.
  I didn't do much.  Finished making my logo for the home tech tutor.  I should have it on the site 
soon.  PEACE!

Day 76:  A little windy at work today.  I got a few things done today.  I've been doing some 
maintenance around the fair and got a bunch finished.  I won't do much tonight.  One more 
day of work and then a couple off.  Come next month the weekday thing is moving to 
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I'll have Monday and Tuesday off.  I'm really enjoying 
it here.  I love living in a perfect world at the center, Paradise!  Hang Loose!

Day 77:  Today was a very beautiful day.  It started off with a little cold, high 60's, no clouds and no wind.  
The day was sunny all day but the wind picked up a little and it got up to the high 70's.  Very nice!  It is 
my Friday so I treated it as such.  I don't do anything on Friday's.  I came home after work and watched 
the 3 episodes of Jeopardy from the week I taped.  I didn't start up the ICQ but I was on-line doing some 
work.  I will try to get some things done the next couple days.  Going to the beach at least once on my 
days off is a must (-:  If tomorrow is like today I will go after I go to the cousins to help out!  
What did I think about today?  Lots of things have crossed my mind these days.  I know I am the Light 
of the world and I know this Light, thus me, is found everywhere.  I am God, this is a fact!  You are 
God, this is a fact.  Ergo, God is One and Many.  I am as you are, one and many.  Does this include all 
matter?  Of course!  Matter is mostly empty and in that emptiness is Consciousness.  The same 
Consciousness that I/We have.  Same?  Perhaps not the same in perspective but the same in relation 
as to having a perspective.  Do not all things have a unique perspective?  An atom, rock, mountain, 
drop of water, stream, lake, sea, ocean, wind, atmosphere, moon, sun, planet all have a unique 
perspective that is different than a flower, fish, dog, cat, monkey, pig which are unique from human, 
man, you, I.  As for having a perspective, all things no matter how sub-atomic or astronomical have a 
perspective that is individual.  This individuality is what is common.  Materialism is the perspective that 
what is common is all there is.  Individuality is the reflection of the universal perspective of Consciousness.  
Materialism is the study of individual consciousness and Metaphysics is the study of universal Consciousness.  
There is much each side could benefit from the other in understanding the interaction of the individual and 
universal.  One and Many.  I and You, Thou.  Do I ramble?  Well do I?  

Day 78:  Great morning, a little cold!  Cold as in mid 70's.  Beautiful day.  Clear until the afternoon then it 
got cloudy.  I won't do much...PEACE!

Day 79:  Another average day.  This means a wonderful day.  I got lots of reading done.  Went to 
the beach for a few hours.  I'm getting my tan evened out.  I went and picked up my check.  I picked 
up a guide book from Borders and will start doing things in that.  I won't go alone though.  I am enjoying 
the island greatly.  I'm creating a perfect world with just the right amount of challenges along the path to 
my Dreams being fulfilled.  Wow!  Who can make such a claim?  The being that knows how Reality 
combines to create the physical.  The being the understands how the One defines the Many and 
how the Many are One.  We are this being.  I am.  Later!

Day 80:  First day back to work.  I got off at 3 today but didn't do much.  That's about all.  PEACE.

Day 81:  Sunday!  A little hot today.  All I did was greet and setup the fair today.  Took down a few 
tents a got read for the weekday fair.  I will be doing a bunch of things this week at the fair.  I'll have 
to do a bunch of weeding this week.  I need to keep the place looking better and better.  Later!

Day 82:  Hot today.  Hardly a cloud in the sky.  I may have a few more leads on doing web pages and 
teaching others.  cool!  I will be getting some business cards printed up professionally that is.  I'll do the 
designing myself of course.  I feel I'll be very busy once I get the business launched.  With the job and 
the business I hope to get I'll won't have much time but I will make the time!  Hang Loose!

Day 83:  Hot again today.  I'm getting a bunch of things done.  Soon I'll be coasting with my work.  
Just need to get things up to a par and than I'll maintain!  I may have yet another web page client!  
Everyone out here that I meet want one.  I do meet mostly people with something to sell working 
at the fair and all!  (-:  What an unforeseen bonus!  I know the business will prosper, perhaps I 
will need assistance also, perhaps.  Time to eat. Later!

Days 84 - 99:  What have I been up to for the last 2 weeks?  Hmmm?  A few days off and a few 
more days of work.  I have been rather lazy lately.  Actually, I've been busy creating my next phase 
of this reality.  What will that be?  You will have to wait with me to see how things unfold.  I have 
created many options and will explore one.  Which option will I explore?  The one of least 
resistance of course.  Duh!  Or, as I like to refer to it as the one that come spontaneously.   

Day100 - Present:  That is the best way to state what it feels like day in and day out.  When I'm 
off work I am on vacation!  I went hiking the other day.  It was a good 4 mile hike total to the 
Hanakapiai river and beach.  Very awesome!  Didn't go up to the Hanakapiai falls, that would have 
made it an 8 mile hike.  Maybe another day when I start out earlier. I do need to take my camera 
nest time I go.  D'oh!  I have a bunch of things to work on.  I need to get busy but it is so easy to 
get distracted here.  (-:  I and I not I and Thou is the proper way to view each other.  What does 
this mean?  It is a show of respect and understanding.  Respect towards the other as an Individual.  
Understanding that this Individual is as I am.  Are we not an I, the I. Where I and I are is in an 
eternal moment.  A moment of sameness.  What I and I are is Jah.  I and I are One and Many.  I 
am.  Are I? 

Now:  That is the new heading.  If there will be a heading?  Do I write as often as I should?  Should?  
I have a regimen that works best for I.  It is of course spontaneity as a discipline to follow.  Is this 
an easy way to live?  The spontaneity is of course conditioned through a belief system based on the 
understanding that I am God and thus responsible for all that appears, both physical and temporal.  
I create a reality and I and I create The Reality!

Now:  If you wish to know what I've been up to well read on.  I have been doing a little writing on other
 things and well as getting out and doing some hiking.  I've met a few people here and am getting to 
know them better.  PEACE!

Now:  Aloha Dudes,

What's Up? I'm having a great time here on this beautiful island of Kauai. I've been working a lot. I do
 have 2 days off a week though and that is very nice. Most people here are lucky to get 1 day off. I have
 been quite fortunate, the vast majority of new people work 2 - 3 part time jobs to get by. There are a lot
 of bartending jobs and the schools need substitutes badly, that's over $100 a day. I'm thinking of buying
 a house here. A permanent spot.  I have a running journal on my website. How about those Cubbies! What's up with that? The White Sox are bumming with Frank Thomas out
 now, D'oh! Keep in touch Dudes! If you ever need a place to visit you have a place to crash for a few!  
Peace - Hang Loose

JoeNiez: (5:20 PM) yo yo yo?

FaoOne2: (5:20 PM) yo yo wasup yo

JoeNiez: (5:22 PM) u of course!

JoeNiez: (5:23 PM) What you got going on? How's the ma and all?

FaoOne2: (5:23 PM) :o)

FaoOne2: (5:23 PM) she is the same....I am just trying to install a Thumbnail post on freefuncafe

FaoOne2: (5:24 PM) How are things going with you?

JoeNiez: (5:29 PM) Going good. Went out Kayaking the Hanalei River. Also went up to the Kipu falls where you can jump right off the falls. Very cool, there is also a rope swing into the river. It is the one from the Indiana Jones movie... Jumped in from both places. You'll need to check it out when ever you're able to get out here.

FaoOne2: (5:36 PM) wow sounds sweet....You will have to show me when I get out there

JoeNiez: (5:42 PM) Will do! I'm saving cash to buy a house out here. You'll always have a place to stay.

FaoOne2: (5:47 PM) cool I'm working on getting a good job .... I have to study for awhile to make sure I pass the test. I will be a cement inspector. :o) I will just go around to sites and make sure the work is being done right. :o) start at 22.50 per hr 10hr days 5 days a week

JoeNiez: (5:49 PM) Do it right bra!

FaoOne2: (5:50 PM) I will.....the guy who delivers my moms meds is hooking me up. He is a totally cool guy. :o)

JoeNiez: (5:53 PM) Good deal.. It may be awhile before you can get out here then. I will make it to LV probably before.

FaoOne2: (5:57 PM) Possibly.....the mom has been doing pretty good so I think she will be around for awhile. :o) I figure if I have to be here for awhile longer than I thought.....I am going to try and get this good paying job

JoeNiez: (5:59 PM) Deff. This is what the ma has been waiting for I'm sure so do it up right for everyone....

FaoOne2: (6:01 PM) I'll do what I can......I will be saving every cent I can too

JoeNiez: (6:03 PM) Keep up a nice modest financial lifestyle and you could go about anywhere.

I'm planning a trip to Thailand with a friend from out here.. (-:

FaoOne2: (6:06 PM) cool sounds like a cool trip to take

JoeNiez: (6:09 PM) How much studying do you have to do for this job thing

FaoOne2: (6:10 PM) its a 100 question test and the guy I told you about is going to help me out...if I need it

JoeNiez: (6:10 PM) multiple choice?

JoeNiez: (6:12 PM) Is there a manual you could study from?

FaoOne2: (6:13 PM) yup plus and practical test too. After I pass the test I will have to go to a test site and show that I know what I'm doing

FaoOne2: (6:13 PM) yes, He is getting the manual for me too

JoeNiez: (6:14 PM) cool!

FaoOne2: (6:15 PM) yup, sounds good to me, I just hope it all pans out

JoeNiez: (6:17 PM) Live in the future that it does pan out! The Future is the only place to live. Keep the future general and positive. You have the present to experience the details... (-:


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