First words in some time from this body. The words may come more 
often. Again I think what to say. There is an answer today. the thoughts 
I have today as always, are of creation. What is meant by creation and how 
does it work? I will speak more of this later, as always. For now I will 
only speak of what has happened the day before. It woke, shit and showered, 
this will be the same Daly, occasionally shave, smoke watch TV and check 
e-mail. Also work, home, check e-mail, play trivia, surf net, watch TV 
and eat, this is basically my day, except some days there is playing video 
games and watching TV also means movies. News from the radio NPR and the 
net, only weather from TV, and some from local paper Read while shitting, 
usually only time I read print. Next entry? another time!??

Same ol! Thoughts for the day: What is the "I" that we each perceive as 
ourselves? What is the self that we perceive? Is the self the same as the 
"I"? Do these questions have single answers or are the answers subjective? 
Does any question have a single answer or only a probable solution? 
Now that seems like a lot to think about but these are only questions that 
I have spent much thought on. Of course this only leads to more inquiries 
but I'll leave that for another day. Need a new book to read, maybe some 
Wittgenstein. B&N today.?

Not much different. Same shit, different day. The I is the pronoun for 
the self. Self and I refer to the same. Each person uses the same words 
to explain that which they refer to as the self or I. This is only one 
suggestion, it is an agreement by people that they use these words to 
explain their identity to others in a generic fashion. Each question has 
only one answer. That answer is not the same for everyone, it is perceived 
differently by each person. The I that is referred to is not the same it is 
only a reference to a similar explanation of who one is. As is obvious, I 
have spent much thought on this subject and have my own answers. Thoughts 
for today: Is time different from space? Can one travel in reverse through 
time? Do these questions relate to the previous questions? 
Good questions, the last one is the best, something good to think about!!! 
Today I will make it to B&N. Maybe. Still need that/a book.

Answer NO-YES-YES, next issue. Humor, gotta love it. Good day today. I
think I will work again today. Inquiry: What is the NOW that divides the 
past from the future? Does the now include them? Can the past and the 
future be separated from the now? Do they change according to the present 
situation? That last question sucks. Anyway there are no problems only 
solutions!!!!!!! Good enough for today.

There will be no discernible pattern. Too much of a pattern developing 
for my comfort. Perhaps this is why I never get farther than this. 
I am interested in writing Daly but I won't accept any organization to 
my writing. OK I grant there is structure in the sentences, only for 
legibility though. When I comes to style I try to avoid trends. My style 
is in your future, you may never find it, I have no name for it, it is my 
style. That's all I got to say about that!!(fg) Still need to go to B&N, 
damn it.... ha ha LOL not gonna do it today, doubt it, aint gonna happen. 
Store-Food????!!!/..... That is more likely. Oh yeah, that last question 
is the best!!!!!!!!!!

When time is near
your life is here
I am the one
That we become

When time is near
you look in vain
I can not hear
That distant train

When time is near
your mind is gone
I see the fear
That lingers on

When time is near
you drink a beer
I burn a joint
That is the point

My oh my, what an easy life. Why is it that people complain? They don't 
see the perfection that is all around. The universe is perfect, it is up 
to us to understand what is meant by this statement. I live in a perfect 
world, everything is as it should be, which is that it is. What more can 
there be but nothing. Since the universe is perfect then there is no 
progress. Unless the perfection is only realized at the end, but I doubt 
it, because I realize the perfection now and this is not the end. Every 
end is a new beginning. Every beginning is an end in and of itself. Oh 
what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day. 

What is the audience? Are they contemporary or do they exist at all? Does 
it matter? This could be the classic problem of the other............ I 
don't know? Where do I flow? Can I mostly only ask questions and not make 
statements? What is meant by statements? Facts? Are there Facts? I say 
only according to the premises one chooses to define the facts by. This is 
the only fact there can be, fact. What! another fact, only according to that
premise of above. The place is almost here. We will find the "path" that 
is defined in the theologies of the planet, to the place that we call 
perfection, the place that is almost here or HERE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!! 
This is what them theologies tell us, this is what I KNOW through my 
beliefs, for that is all I ever have that I is Knowable.

Today is finally over, but what or where is today? This is just another 
question. I fill my Self with questions and I fill my time with answers 
and I fill my space with experience. These are the important aspects of 
our collective existence. Self, time and space are no more important than 
personality, essence and energy. When was today or when will today be? 
I luv this line of questioning, it feels so left, never right always left. 
The right sucks or do the people who are on the right. I ramble nothing to 
say. It is the same day not over yet. I was mistaken. Again today begins 
or does today end which is it? Perhaps I'll go to sleep and try to figure 
this out. Perhaps when we wake we'll have this figured out. So let us WAKE 
UP!!! LOL What a journey I have no reason or rhyme no nothing thus 
something. What an ugly rhetorical display this is becoming. Now I 
see/know why I don't write. Or Why I Should Not.

The key to understanding reality is focus. What a person chooses to focus 
on gives her/him an understanding of that specific aspect of reality. A 
person choosing to expand their focus to include all of which they believe 
to be real is capable of understanding this reality. The question that 
needs to be asked is, how to expand ones focus. The answer is in what you 
wish to understand of this reality. Reality can be referred to as the 
spacio-temporal existence of which the physical sciences speak as well as 
the mystical-spiritual existence of which the religious theologies speak. 
The four dimensions of reality, Mystical - Spiritual - Spatial - Temporal, 
are not the only aspects of reality but are the ones that acquire the 
greatest focus by the most people. Temporal reality is time. The 
importance of focusing on time is of relatively recent significance. 
Time is perceived as running slow, fast, long and short. Time is something 
one can have plenty of or be loosing. What is important about time is its 
ability to organize. Time organizes places in a fashion that is viewed as 
linear or circular. Linear time is physical history and circular time is 
seasonal reoccurrence. Where a person places there focus, past/future or 
present/eternal, gives him/her an unique understanding but not a complete 
understanding of one aspect of reality.
Spatial reality is the common physical reality of matter. Matter is long, 
short, light and heavy. The movement of matter is temporal reality. Matter 
is something one can view as a burden or as something you can't get enough 
of. What is important about matter is its ability to sustain its form. 
Matter forms from the agreement of our collective beliefs transcending 
temporal reality. Where a person places ones focus in the material reality 
allows her/him to affirm the beliefs that one has in common with others. 
Not all people need hold the same beliefs. Spiritual reality is self. 
Self is an ideal without matter. What is important in self is its ability 
to exist as ever changing form. Unlike matter self allows constant change 
to gain identity. The aspect of reality represented as Spiritual is 
existent as the self that each individual is. Spiritual reality is found 
within, material reality is found outside the self. Where a person focuses 
on the self allows them to interact with the other.
Mystical reality is . . . . . . . 

I'm am walking alone down the street at night. Going toward work and home.
I encounter a group of black youths. I am not apprehensive. I greet them
cheerfully and they likewise greet me. Together we continue to a point where
a decision needed to be made about which direction to take (through open 
unlit field or around on a lit street.) The open field was faster but
the street was safer. The youths tried to persuade me to go through the 
field and I started to until I noticed I had $450 with me. The money had 
created a barrier, a hill to climb to get back onto a street, because of 
which I changed my route to the well lit street. Things were safe and it 
Next I was in the car with friends. Key was driving us through a flooded 
area. We had all been there before. The road was covered with water about 
6" deep. The water continued through a wooded area that the road also 
traversed. On one side of the road the water was deeper like traveling 
down the beach and at times the road went through the woods. Always the 
ground was covered with water. We are driving through the woods though 
not on the road. I notice several times that the road may be safer but 
also that the path we are taking is shallow. At times the path we take 
appears more dangerous than the road though we drive right over with out 
a problem. Suddenly we encounter a fence and drive through it. On the 
other side is a great expanse of water. The road that we could have taken 
to reach the bridge that goes over the water is completely sunken into the 
water and there is a new road over the forest that leads to the bridge. The 
new road is far above us but we are able to reach the road and we continue 
safely onto the bridge over the expanse of water. 

When things clash we call them evil, but there's not evil as much 
as disagreements on how to create the collective dream. 

FAO ONE: hummm...interesting. 
Joe Niez: That is my thinking on "Reality", no good or evil just 
Joe Niez: good and evil are way to dualistic. More than just black 
and white. 
FAO ONE: I see it something like this......"Kiss on the devil and 
you piss of a saint" 
FAO ONE: off 
Joe Niez: Devils Saints, interesting symbols but out of date. 
FAO ONE: for some...I agree 
Joe Niez: Each one of us is a creator. In every respect. 
Joe Niez: We agree in our beliefs and in turn it is physicalized. 
FAO ONE: dude. All I know is I do the best I can 
Joe Niez: That is all U need to know. Knowledge is only agreement 
of beliefs, with others and yourself. 

Marijuana! The image that this word brings to mind is that of a person 
spacing out.

What does this spacing out mean? 

I have found through my personal experiences that what one is thinking when 
spacing out is very focused. The focus that is involved is unlike any I 
have experienced. Usually when asked a person who is stoned will answer 
"spacing out" yet this is not the whole story. Spacing out is the generic 
term that a marijuana smoker uses to describe deep focus on a thought. What 
that thought is has little to do with marijuana and much to do with the 
individual's beliefs. When I space out, I gain a deeper insight into 
what it is I'm thinking about. While thinking about how this article 
will turn out I can either proceed without any idea or I can take a toke 
from my pipe and sit back to think about it. After some consideration I 
have decided to think about it. After thinking about it I find that there 
really isn't much to say about spacing out. The focus that is involved makes
me think of the ancient Greek Philosophers. Men that sat around and thought 
about the world without the distractions of our modern society. Did these 
men space out? I don't know the answer to that but what I do know is I 
have had many an insight into the world when spacing out. Spacing out is 
the ability to focus on one idea to the point where even other people or no 
longer heard. I have found this type of focus in only one other place, 
religious meditation. Unlike religious meditation, spacing out has not a 
preconceived purpose. The purpose that spacing out has is one of a 
spontaneous nature. I find that what I choose to surround myself with 
guides me when I space out. Whether it is books like Noam Chomsky's 
"Profit over People" or TV programs like "Star Trek" or "Monty Pythons: 
Flying Circus" that influence my thoughts when I space out. The structure 
of these thoughts are as ordered and complete as the person who is thinking.
Marijuana has allowed me to get a degree in Philosophy. Because of 
marijuana I was able to space out on questions ranging from the nature 
of causality to the meaning of the word 'is'. The spacing out on such 
subjects allowed me to follow one line of thinking to a logical conclusion. 
Spacing out gives me the ability to conclude a line of thinking only given a 
few underlying facts. With this as my learning tool I easily passed classed 
that others called difficult, Metaphysics, 19th century philosophy, 
phenomenology, etc... I didn't even take notes! Now I don't want you to 
think marijuana made me smarter than the others in my class but it did make 
me feel I was. 
So the next time you ask someone what they’re doing and they answer 
"spacing out," know that they were engrossed in thought. Know also the 
thought was particular to them and you may never understand when you ask 
them to explain. Know that when spacing out one is not interested in the 
world but interested only in their thoughts. 

The days are long. The nights seem too short. What is one to do? When or 
where, perhaps why, no, more like how is the correct place to begin again. 
Begin with a question, not a good idea. The statement that I make is of a 
very obscure nature. The nature relates to reality or perhaps how one views 

Death is Life. There is no doubt that without an end there would be 
no ability to perceive change. Life is a continual change from one state to 
another. States consist of different thoughts, beliefs and surroundings. 
States have a beginning and an end. Death is an end. Every end becomes a 
beginning. Beginning is the death of the end. To begin is to live and to 
die. Those who die never begin. Those who live never end. To perceive to 
end is to die. To perceive to begin is to live. To always begin is to never
change. To never change is death. I must end. insight insight insight....

Ronald Reagan and his economic plan to convert the US to a service based 
economy could be seen as an attempt to stop the feeling of alienation 
within the workforce. A service industry allows for the worker to be a 
greater part of the process of capitalism. The process of capitalism that 
the worker is a greater part of in a service industry is the contact with 
the purchaser, the most vital part of the process. In eliminating or at 
least alleviating alienation capitalism gains. The capitalist gains and 
the workers, though some may lose privileges, gain in the feeling of respect 
for their labor. The service based economy does not allow for an upper 
middle class, only a lower middle class and the wealthy. The ability 
to move between classes is cleverly hindered by the structure of a 
master/servant ideology. MAYBE.

Press release
To be published January 5, 1999.
National estimates of drug use in the Netherlands available, for the first 
time Cannabis use lower than official estimate The Center for Drugs research 
(CEDRO) of the University of Amsterdam published the first results of the 
first national survey on drug use in the Netherlands. These figures enable 
researchers and policy analysts to compare drug use in the Netherlands with 
similar figures from other countries. The use of marihuana (ever use) is 
estimated to be 15.6% of the Dutch population of 12 years and older. Recent 
use (last 30 days) of marihuana is estimated to be 2.5%, or around 323,000 
persons nationwide. This estimate is considerably lower than the estimate of 
675,000 persons, used by the Dutch Government. This figure is very close to 
CEDRO's April 1998 estimate of 300,000 persons, based on a survey in the two 
cities Utrecht and Tilburg.
The survey is held among the Dutch population of 12 years and older. A 
representative random sample of 22,000 persons was surveyed in 1997 and 
early 1998. The drugs survey was designed in co-operation with Statistics 
Netherlands and funded by the Dutch Government (Department of Health, 
Welfare and Sports). In the United States of America data from national 
drug use surveys are available since the seventies. The table that compares
drug use in the population in the Netherlands with drug use in the U.S. 
shows, that a repressive policy as in the U.S., does not necessarily result 
in less drug use. The availability of drugs is no determining factor for 
levels of drug use in a country.

Drug use in the population of 12 years and older in the U.S. and the 
Netherlands (1997) Ever used Used past year Used past month 
USA Netherlands USA Netherlands USA Netherlands 
tobacco 70.5* 67.9 32.7* 38.1 29.6* 34.3 
cannabis 32.9 15.6 9 4.5 5.1 2.5 
cocaine 10.5 2.1 1.9 0.6 0.7 0.2 
inhalants 5.7 0.5 1.1 0.1 0.4 not measurable 
alcohol 81.9 90.2 64.1 82.5 51.4 73.3 
heroin 0.9 0.3 0.3 0.1 not measurable not measurable 
*cigarettes only
Source U.S.: National Household Survey 1997 SAMHSA, Office of applied studies
Washington DC. Source the Netherlands: M. Abraham, P. Cohen, M. De Winter: 
Licit and Illicit drug use in the Netherlands Uva/CBS, CEDRO 

For more information contact Peter Cohen (from the US 011-31 -20-525 4278) 
or press informants Jeroen Winckers (tel. from the US 011-31- 20-525 2695) 

and Joris van den Heuvel (tel. from the US 011-31-20-525 2835).

Appendix: National drugs prevalence rates in the Netherlands, 1997
Drug use prevalence, the Netherlands, 1997 (weighted percentages) Drug 
Lifetime Last year Last month Unweighted
reported lifetime 
Tobacco 67.9 38.1 34.3 14,364 
Alcohol 90.2 82.5 73.3 19,189 
Hypnotics 17.4 8.5 5.5 3,651 
Sedatives 19.6 8.2 4.9 4,078 
Cannabis 15.6 4.5 2.5 4,574 
Inhalants 0.5 0.1 0.0 153 
Cocaine 2.1 0.6 0.2 720 
Amphetamines 1.9 0.3 0.1 584 
Ecstasy 1.9 0.7 0.3 625 
Hallucinogens 1.8 0.3 0.0 578 
Mushrooms 1.6 0.6 0.1 572 
Opiates all 11.7 4.2 1.0 2,545 
Codeine 7.3 2.6 0.9 1,634 
Heroin 0.3 0.1 * 101 
Difficult drugs 4.1 1.2 0.5 1,319 
No drugs 5.2 10.6 17.8 1,666 
Total sample 21,959 
Difficult drugs are cocaine, amphetamines, ecstasy, hallucinogens, heroin.
No drugs is non of the above drugs
* Low precision, no estimate reported

Finally a break to my feeling of insecurity............ GOT to like it

I am writing this to inform you that the people who live at this address will
be getting a satelite dish within the next two months. The reasons for this
decision are many. 

1. TCI of Michiana does not offer the channels that those living at this 
address wish to view. One example is Comedy Central, although we do get the 
Home and Garden channel. Is that a slap in the face?

2. TCI of Michiana does not offer cable modem service and does not plan to 
until sometime next year. Sure we have digital cable, why is there a wait 

3. TCI of Michiana does not listen to customers. Many friends have called 
to ask for new channels or request changes in the current line-up of channels
only to be told there is no room. The next month two channels are added 
that no one would care to watch. Where is the response to customer needs?

4. TCI of Michiana does not respect it's customers. A commercial that is 
running in this area for TCI describes people who opt for dishes as not 
being very intelligent. This is offensive because the dishes are the only 
place to get channels like Comedy Central, The E channel, ZDTV just to 
mention a few. This is also an offensive commercial because everyone knows 
that local channels are broadcast on UHF and noone pays extra to recieve UHF 
broadcasts when all TV sets have the proper receiver. 

5. 6. 7. 8.

There are more reasons to rid this house of TCI of Michiana put I hope you 
get the point. 


or lose more customers.........

Joe Niez

Hello and welcome. By reading this far down u r now a high ranking member in
the Religion of the Self.

Another day another night
Time goes by as you look to the sky
where are the people
there is no help
I keep the faith 
We Are The One!

There should be a 24hr cable channel that broadcasts interviews. An 
Interview Television Channel (ITC)
just a thought, how about a all women's sports channel
There is a need to segregate women sports.. just an idea

How about respect for each others beliefs, for it is ones beliefs the 
dictate ones reality. Realty is perceived through how a person defines 
what it is he is perceiving. 
To define a perception a person first must form a belief. The belief then 
become the reality and not the object being perceived.
What a person believes is therefore there REALITY.



Time for a new routine...  wake check e-mail and page stats.  see
who is on-line and available if needed.  then back to the above
day except for a few minor changes..
I hope to hear from anyone who reads this far down on this page..
I'm starting my own business but need to advertise ahhhhh
I hate the capitalist system.. but it is a fine way to redistribute
resources at this juncture in time/space.
Just a thought - Gandhi WAS a scoundrel - he pointed out all our
faults to a fault..... (-:  got to love it....

The "I" is all there is!  this has been misinterpreted by scholars to, "I am all there is."  personalized in a religious context.  What is misinterpreted is the meaning of "I."  I am.  Joe is.  I am Joe.  Joe is I.  Joe am.  Joe I.  Is Joe I.  I is Joe.  Joe is am.  Joe am is.  

Ugly display of nothing.  When will I make a companion?  When will I be a companion, comrade and friend  to an Other that Is?  What a material question?  Or is it?  When qualified as it is it becomes a question that may be impossible to answer.  How can I be sure that an Other ever exists?   There has yet to be offered a proof of the other.  Perhaps if the premise is:  I exist.   The I is the pronoun that refers to the proper noun Joe, Bill, Jim, Adam, Carl, Lenny, John, Mark, Judy, Jane, Mary, Zeus, etc.....  Exist is the state of the pronoun I.  To exist is to understand what it is to be.   I exist therefore is stating the Other, all proper nouns that are an I, exists, knows what it is to be.  To state that I exist implies that the Other exists.  Is it proper to say Joe exists when referring to myself?  NO, you imply all when referring to the self, I.  Could this work as a proof? 


Yes I do have plenty of "time?".


I've been programmed
To be what I am
I've been programmed
To never understand

Programmed to 
feel, sleep and eat
What time do we
pick up the kids

Programmed to 
live in my own house
Why to lock 
my doors

Programmed to
keep up with
my friends

Programmed to
watch not act
To care what
people think

need to be re-programmed
Who will write
the new code?


Hello Congressman Roemer,

I received a response to my request about your position on marijuana policy and have found you to be in great error. When you say that "marijuana use been shown to have a dramatic impact upon a person's ability to function normally" you are not saying anything that would not apply to alcohol. Are you saying that you are for alcohol prohibition also? Obviously not!! The letter continues in error by stating that marijuana is a "gateway" drug. The gateway theory has been disproved not proven by the way, here is a list of those you serve with in Our/My government that have USED and/or tried marijuana. NOTE THE FIRST ENTRY!


Vice President Al Gore (D)

Gore's admission: In 1987, Al Gore admitted to his use of marijuana while an under grad at Harvard, as an Army news correspondent in Vietnam, and while a reporter in Nashville. Gore stated, "During my junior and senior year of college, it was looked at in the same way moonshine was looked at in Prohibition days."

Source: Newsweek, 11/16/87

In an interview with John Warneke, former friend and colleague of Gore at The Tennessean, the frequency of Gore's past marijuana use came into question. In 1988, Al Gore called his friend John Warneke and asked him not to talk to the press about Gore's past drug use. Warneke stated, "[Gore] called me three times in one morning and he said, 'Don't talk to the press at all about this.' That's a stonewall, and it's another form of lying. But I couldn't do that. But I was torn. I felt a debt to The Tennessean, a paper that taught me everything about the truth. And I had a friendship with Al. So I came up with this half-truth. And that was, that Al had tried it a couple of times with me and he didn't like pot."

Trapper: "So when did you and Gore smoke pot?"

Warneke: "We started in 1970, I think. At my house in Nashville. He likes pot. He told me he smoked it before. I smoked it with Al before he went to Vietnam. And he told me he smoked over there in Vietnam. But now that I know how Al talks about it as opposed with what he really does, I don't know what to believe."

Trapper: "But he was a senator's son at the time. Wasn't he worried about being caught?"

Warneke: "He was paranoid. When he smoked in my house he would run around in my house and he would close all the blinds. If it was night he'd turn all the lights out. He's look out the windows and make sure that no one was watching. And then he would light up. Talk about paranoia. We played pool in the dark once. That's how a senator's son smoked pot."

Trapper: "You haven't talked to him in 10 years?"

Warneke: "No, he hasn't called since the day he asked me to stonewall in 1988. And here I've been holding this lie up. I lied to the New York Times; I was in tears when I lied to them. And when my [second] wife died, I didn't get a letter or a note from him."

Source: Jack Trapper,; 1/22/00

This interview is available online at:

One former reporter at The Tennessean, Ken Jost, confirmed that Gore has used marijuana while at the Tennessean, but to a lesser extent than what Warneke reported. Three other staff members would not say what they did or did not see, including Tennessean editor Frank Sutherland and Warneke's former wife, Nancy Rhoda.

Source: Laura Frank and Sheila Wissner, The Tennessean; 1/28/00

Chris Lehane, a spokesman for Gore, said Gore had, "never used [marijuana] since entering public office" in 1976. However, this is four years later then the date Gore cited in 1987.

Source: John Wildermuth, San Francisco Chronicle; 1/19/00

Warneke told DRCNet ( on January 20, 2000: "I have first hand knowledge that he has not told the truth about his drug use. Al Gore and I smoked regularly, as buddies. Marijuana, hash. I was his regular supplier. I didn't deal dope, I just gave it to him. We smoked more than few times...We smoked in his car, in his house, we smoked in his parent's house, in my house. We smoked on weekends. Al Gore and I were smoking marijuana right up to the time he ran for Congress in 1976. Right up through the week he declared for that race, in fact."

Source: Steve Bloom, High Times, 9/2000, extensive article profiling Al Gore's party years

George W. Bush (R)

Question: Did George W. use drugs?

"As I understand it, the current forms asks the question, 'Did somebody use drugs within the last seven years?' and I will be glad to answer that question, and the answer is 'No.'"

"Not only could I pass the background check and the standard applied to today's White House, but I could have passed the background check and the standards applied on the most stringent conditions when my dad was president of the United States--a 15-year period," Mr. Bush said. Spokeswoman Mindy Tucker said Bush had effectively denied drug usage in a period beginning 15 years before his father took office in 1989--or since 1974, when 53 year old Bush was 28.

In August of 1999, Bush told reporters that he had not used illegal drugs in the past 25 years. Bush declared that if voters objected to his refusal to reveal more "they can go find somebody else to vote for."

Source: John Affleck, Associated Press; 8/26/99

"If voters don't like that answer, if voters want me to inventory something I did 25 to 30 years ago, then they can vote for somebody else," he said.

While Bush would not talk about drug use between the ages of 18 and 28, he responded to a question about whether he used drugs while he was in the Texas Air National Guard from 1968 to 1973 by saying: "I never would have done anything to jeopardize myself. I got airborne and I got on the ground very successfully."

Last year, he explained his discretion as an effort to avoid leading the little ones astray. "If I were you," he told a reporter, "I wouldn't tell your kids that you smoked pot unless you want them to smoke pot. I don't want some kid saying, 'Well, Gov. Bush did it.'"


It seems Bush will do anything to avoid the drug issue... When Bush was preparing for the New Hampshire primary in January 2000, it was reported that Bush canceled a street-walking tour of one community because, "about 20 people advocating legalization of marijuana were awaiting him there."

Source: Clay Robison & R.G. Ratcliffe, Houston Chronicle; 1/31/00

"George W. Bush certainly did drugs until 1974."

Source: Nicholas Kristoff, NY Times reporter who profiled Bush in a series of articles for the paper, 8/1/00 on NPR's Fresh Air




Bill Bradley (D)

In Bradley's book, Time Present, Time Past, Bradley acknowledges that he used marijuana when he was playing professional basketball in the early 1970s. Former NJ Senator Bradley states, "Several times in the early 1970s I had taken a few puffs of marijuana."

Source: Associated Press

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Justice Thomas, nominated by President Bush in 1991 to replace Justice Thurgood Marshall, admitted to smoking, "at least part of a marijuana cigarette in college and possibly one in law school as well."

Source: The Tennessean; 7/15/91

Representative James P. Moran (D-VA)

Representative Moran admitted to his experimentation with marijuana in 1992 shortly after attacking his Republican challenger for using marijuana and cocaine as a teenager. During a debate, Moran stated, "It doesn't seem to me that the people of Northern Virginia want to represented by somebody who has been using marijuana, taking cocaine...That's not the standard that we want to be represented by." Moran than admitted in an interview that, "The first time I didn't like the taste and the second time it scared me. A number of my friends used it, but it wasn't something I could get into."

Source: Peter Baker, Washington Post; 10/20/92

Susan Molinari (R-NY)

Former US Representative Susan Molinari, keynote speaker at the 1996 Republican National Convention, claimed to have "experimented" with marijuana during her college years at a State University of New York in the 1980s. In 1992, Molinari denied using marijuana and gave a lengthy explanation that she "tried to avoid doing anything that might reflect on her family poorly." When asked why she denied her use in a 1992 interview, Molinari said that she "panicked" when asked the question "every person in America dreads."

Source: Associated Press and San Francisco Chronicle, 8/9/96

Newt Gingrich (R-GA)

Former US Representative Newt Gingrich has admitted that he smoked marijuana when he was in college. Gingrich stated in 1995 article from The Economist, "That was a sign we were alive and in graduate school in that era."

In 1996 Gingrich attacked Mike McCurry for his admission of marijuana use: "They have a presidential press secretary in the White House, on camera, who says, of course he did marijuana in college, as though every student in American ought to say, 'Well, I can be like Mike McCurry.'"

Source: Hilary Stout, Wall Street Journal; 8/8/96

Senator Connie Mack (R-FL)

Senator Mack, admitted that he, "smoked pot once but not often" when he was in his thirties. Mack denied use of marijuana in 1982 when he ran for the House and then admitted to it in his 1987 race for the Senate.

Source: Hilary Stout, Wall Street Journal; 8/8/96

Lincoln Chafee (R)

Chafee, US Senate candidate from Rhode Island and son of Senator John Chafee admitted to using drugs several times while a student at Brown University.

Source: Julie Goodman, Associated Press

Governor Gary Johnson (R)

Governor Johnson is honest if not frank, in a discussion on 60 Minutes with Ed Bradley he said:

Bradley: have you used drugs?

Johnson: I used marijuana. I smoked from my senior year in high school through college--and then basically quit after college.

Bradley: So this wasn't a short term experiment.

Gov. Johnson: This was not a short term experience. I was something that I did. It was something that a lot of my friends did. I'm not offering an excuse for having smoked marijuana, but I will just suggest to you that from my experience, marijuana does not compare, from an impediment standpoint, at all to alcohol.

Bradley: What about cocaine?

Johnson: I have used cocaine a couple of times. Two times.

Bradley: You've described marijuana smoking as cool.

Johnson: Here is exactly the way I described marijuana as being cool, is--in the context of what you hear [about marijuana]. That, 'You're going to lose your mind. You're going to go crazy. You're going to die if you smoke marijuana.' And you know what? I smoked marijuana, and when I smoked it, none of these things happened. In fact, it was kind of cool.

Later in the interview....

Bradley: What about marijuana [how should it be handled legally]?

Johnson: Marijuana, I would suggest it could be similar to alcohol.

Source: Sixty Minutes, 4/23/00

Governor George Pataki (R)

New York's Governor George Pataki admitted that he tried marijuana.

Source: Associated Press, 1994

Did Gov. Pataki smoke marijuana? ADAW reports that while attending Columbia Law School he and his friends mixed marijuana and baked beans and ate it.

Source: Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly, 6/29/98

Lieutenant Governor Mary Donohue (R)

New York's Lt. Gov. Mary Donohue has admitted to experimenting with marijuana when she was a college student. In 1998, her daughter, Sara Kenney was caught with marijuana.

Source: Associated Press 8/26/98

Lieutenant Governor Donohue, a former state judge, told the New York Post, " I tried it, but I didn't like it. I smoked it and probably inhaled. But I never got into it."

Source: Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly, 6/29/98

Governor Dr. Howard Dean (D)

In 1996, Governor Howard Dean, MD of Vermont admitted to his use of marijuana as a youth.


Dick Lamm (D)

Lamm, former Colorado governor and one-time presidential candidate for the Reform Party, said he had tried marijuana during kayaking trips to Colorado. During an interview with Peter Boyles of KHOW radio in Denver, Lamm stated, "[Marijuana] was the 'liquor' of choice back in those days on kayaking trips." Lamm recalled, "I remember sitting looking into the coals of the fire. [Smoking marijuana] was an interesting experience." Gregory Daurer, longtime NORML member and High Times contributor summated that the marijuana use Lamm recalls, in fact, took place while Lamm was governor of Colorado.

Source: Peter Boyles; Denver Post, 8/21/96

Bruce Babbitt (D)

Babbitt, former governor of Arizona, admitted that he had smoked pot when he was in college.

Source: Newsweek, 11/16/87

Mike McCurry (D)

McCurry, Clinton's press secretary, has stated that "of course" he smoked marijuana as a college student. "I was a kid of the 1970s. Did I smoke a joint from time to time? Of course I did," stated McCurry in 1996.

Source: Associated Press, 12/96

I have documented these sources for your review. Please reconsider your position on marijuana due to the fact you have been misinformed on this issue.


A concerned Voter

Joseph A. Niez......

Hello! Again it has been a few months since writing.  I have been busy these last months.  I've been reading some and been thinking even more.  Reading some stuff by Jane Roberts and some books in my personal library that the world may never get to read.  Books I have yet to write but have read many times create a framework within which I define reality.  What are these books.  Titles like, "The Mind That I Am", "I Am a Soul", "We Are/I Am",  "Time Is Whole",  "Understanding What You Are", "Desires Bring Fulfillment" and many more are available to me.  I have been to paradise and I am moving there.  Join me!  Why be poor in South Bend when I can be poor on Kauai.  I will do well.  WOW!  I know this.....  What can be said of the many things that await me?  Can I predict?  Should I?  Why not?  Now first I will make a suggestion based on desire than on what I feel and than on what I think.  First - I will arrive and find a job after 3 days, I will arrive and find a job in 10 days, I will arrive and find a job after 5 days.  I will look hard for many different jobs and find a great job right away, I will take the first job offered to me without looking for another, I take the first job and find a better one after 5 weeks.  I find a house to live in that is affordable and fits with my income, I find a small, one room, apartment where I can live comfortable, I find an apartment that is mid sized where I need to live a little frugal to begin with.  I meet many people, women women women, I have a few great relationships, sex sex sex. (-:,  I meet many people but I am too afraid to follow but one possibility, I meet people and am my usual shy unassuming self.  I write daily, I write not at all, I write as I do now, almost not at all.  I am happy, I am happy, I am more than happy.  After one year, JANUARY 2002, I will agree I did the right thing, I will feel I done the right thing, I will know I did after 3 years (-: hey I'm thinking here!!!
I love it when I begin to write without any preconceived notion as to what to write!


When there is a protest and the police get involved it becomes violent because there is a protest 
that is making a statement and the police are showing up to make a different statement.  No matter
 what the protest statement is, the police statement is clear, the protestors are wrong and those that 
are being protested have the means to upstage the protest with this statement of power based only 
on force.  What becomes relevant is the police being injured and not the escalation of violence by 
the police presence.  


Socialism is for the protection of each individual regardless of wealth within a society.  Why put
 socialism down?  Fascism is for protecting those few that already have power.  Fascist Capitalism, 
the brand of capitalism practiced here in the US, has caused more deaths due to acts of sanctions, 
Cuba, Iraq, Iran, acts of direct violence to protect economic interests, Vietnam, Korea, Desert 
Storm, and out right disregard for human beings, Peru, Brazil, East Timor, Palestine than say 
democratic socialism.  The United Nations has never been and will never be an effective world 
agency for the protection of individual human rights thus to consider it Socialists means nothing.  
What should be of more concern is the concentration of wealth within a fascist international 
corporate structure (FICS).  This FICS is designed to maximize profit.  Human beings, that is 
you, me and most of all children, are considered either labour resources, consumers or both.  
The FICS couldn't care less about your right to carry a weapon unless you choose to raise it 
against this cooperate structure.  Thinking the UN is worth fearing could be like fearing the patsy 
not the real power behind it.  It is the FICS that hold the power of persuasion, Entertainment 
Media, and the power of government, Money.  It is up to us to reveal the power source not 
play their games for them.  I am a human being not a consumer, not a wage slave.  


A sense arises 
that I have known
You bring to me
the world whole

A sense arises
when you are near
I feel the energy
the world whole

A sense arises
I see the truth
you give me more
the world whole

A sense arises
you see in me
I feel your thoughts
the world whole

A sense arises
the piece missing
is created/found 
the world whole

A sense arises
all makes one
more than the parts
the world whole

A sense is here
I am with you
we are becoming
the universe whole

What the hell was I thinking?  I should've known better than this.  Of course I was only thinking below the waist.  I know this now.  Time to move on.  On to where, what, how and why?  These have always been my area of thought.  The time will come.  It will look like any other day.  I will awake and wonder where I placed my self.  Where indeed I and I are at.  That day is yesterday. 

What focus do I have in this life?  
What focus is in my thought?
How clear is tomorrow?
How clear the past?

What purposes do I give to my life?
What purposes are in the world?
Where are the good leaders?
Where are the ideals?

The world full of questions.
No problems anymore?
Myriad Solutions.
Justice for all,
no more!


"I AM A GENIUS" (IQ - 1??)

I am a genius
what does that mean
the ability to see
the nature of things

I am a genius
what does that mean
the ability to know
the essence of peace

I am a genius
what does that mean
the ability the hear
the crying of trees

I am a genius
what does that mean
the ability to feel
the people of need

I am a genius
what does that mean
the ability to smell
the rotting of minds

I am a genius
what does that mean
the ability to taste
the sweetness of living

I am a genius
what does that mean
the ability to transcend
the bigotry of ignorance

I am a genius
what does that mean
the ability to find
the God of self

I am a genius
what does that mean
the ability to be
the creator of me


How do you measure time without matter?  Without space is there no apparatus for which to 
construct a consistent measurement by which we could agree?  To organize eternity one must understand how to measure 
time in the absence of matter in motion.  The eternal stands still and is forever.  Each moment is eternal.  The eternal
 now. Does eternity have a past and future?  


The connection between God as the collective realization of the ideal that there is only one God and the true statement that I am God as the individual realization that I create, through my belief system, my reality of which is intricate in creating the collective, the connection is that the individual as God is the fruition of the collective God.  


I do not use
The freedoms I have
I take them for granted

I do not use
The freedoms I have
I feel it is to hard

I do no use
The freedoms I have
I watch Doctor Who

I do not use
The freedoms I have
I need to pay my bills

I do not use
The freedoms I have
I have no insurance

I do not use
The freedoms I have
I stop getting the news

I do not use
The freedoms I have
I keep to myself and family

I do not use
The freedoms I have
I drop into silence

I do not use
The freedoms I have
I am not sure I have them

I do not use
The freedoms I have
I am patriotic

I do not use
The freedoms I have
I do not know what they are

I do not use
The freedoms I have
I have no freedom to use

I did not use
The freedoms I had
I wonder what they were

Am I free
Do I know
What Free Could Mean

We do not use
The freedoms We have
We take them for granted

We do not use
The freedoms We have
We feel it is to hard

We do no use
The freedoms We have
We watch American Idol

We do not use
The freedoms We have
We need to pay our bills

We do not use
The freedoms We have
We have junk insurance

We do not use
The freedoms We have
We stop getting News

We do not use
The freedoms We have
We keep to ourselves and families

We do not use
The freedoms We have
We drop into silence

We do not use
The freedoms We have
We are not sure We have them

We do not use
The freedoms We have
We are patriotic

We do not use
The freedoms We have
We do not know what they are

We do not use
The freedoms We have
We have no freedom to use

We did not use 
The freedoms We had
We wonder what they were

Are We free
Do We know
What Free Could Mean

Here are some recent news stories that are freedom allows for now.

I hope to exercise my freedom. 
Whatever that may mean?
Do I do pushups with the the freedom of press?
Jumping jacks with free speech?
Does religion needs some squats?
Or just to exercise on its own?
Can I do this with others?
May I bring a gun?

That is just the first and second amendments to the Constituiution yet we use them so rarely I do wonder if we, and I include myself, really know what they mean - represent - are to convey - ???????

Mahalo for reading my ramblings for today.



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