Thank you for your interest in our services! 
Here is a list of services we offer and a breakdown of the pricing.

Are rates depend on what Level of  Service you are looking for:

Levels 1 and 2 are $40 per visit, no time table
Level 1 is for the beginning computer user.  Level 2 is for someone with a little more knowledge requiring fewer visits.  We have found that each person has a different knowledge base.  Thus, we will evaluate each person then write a lesson plan that will suite the individual.

Level 3 is $20/hour
This level is for someone who wants to create their own unique web pages, software included.  This is for a person that does not wish to use the template style page builders that are available through most ISP's.  This includes a personalized lesson plan.

Level 4 is $30/hour
This level is for a business that wants a presence on the web and wants to create and maintain that presence themselves.  This level includes training someone to build and maintain a business website themselves. 
E-commerce not included.

Level 5 is by Contract
Pricing is dependent on the extent of the website, # of pages and amount of upkeep.  This level is for businesses that need someone to create and maintain a website.  It includes monthly traffic reports, # of visitors, which pages were viewed and how they found the site.  Also included is site submission to the top search engines and domain creation and registration.

We know you will find a service that is right for you, your family or your business!

Contact Owner@HomeTechTutor.com for further inquiries and scheduling of training sessions!
We are now in THREE States:
Kauai, Hawaii - Las Vegas, Nevada - South Bend, Indiana.